Keratin Hair Treatment-

"I Felt Their Eyes On Me, As the Room Hushed...

When I Walked In With My Straight, Silky & Sexy Brazilian Blowout.

I Felt Alive as I Enjoyed Their Envious Stares While Their Jaws Dropped."

 Keratin hair straightening los angeles and Santa Monica, CA

Brazilian Blowout Keratin Hair Straightniening Santa Monica & Los Angeles Picture


 Nadine Before

Nadine After

Darlene Before

Darlene After 

WANTED! Women and Men with Frizzy, Kinky, Curly, Unruly and Wavy Hair Who Feel it's Their Time to be in the Spotlight!

I Made Them Jealous With My Keratin Hair Treatment Straightening from Next Salon at 310-392-6645

You sensed their feelings of appreciation, respect and just plain WOW for your Keratin Smoothing Treatment as the room fell silent when you entered.

Hair Straightening Los Angeles style means all eyes are on you.

For just the right amount of time, you pause and make sure you command center stage. You demurely tuck your soft, silky and straight hair behind your ear.

Then, you go to meet your envious friends who couldn't wait to include themselves in YOUR "movie".

Star in your own "Movie" by booking online here now ==> Brazilian Blowout Santa Monica. Get ready for your closeup by calling Next Salon at 310-392-6645.

How Some People With Frizzy,
Kinky and Curly Hair Enter a Room


You said, "Wait a minute, I haven't felt that way in a long time."

That's because when you enter a room you hope you don't attract too much attention because of your frizzy, wavy, unruly, kinky and curly hair.

You don't always like your hair and sometimes you try to hide it.

Beautiful Straight Hair is Your
Right. Did You Know That?

You mean I have a right to be the center of attention with my straight and silky hair?

Of course you do.

You deserve at least that much, don't you?

You do.

Right about now you're asking yourself, "Ok, so what do I do now?

Relax, it's quick and easy.

You'll feel and look glamorous after you get your new Keratin Treatment (or Brazilian Blowout Los Angeles) from Next Salon, 310-392-6645, at 4256 Kenyon Street, Los Angeles, CA 90066.

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What's so Special about
Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin Hair is like no other …

Keratin Hair Treatment changes you from an unnoticed hat, scarf and wig-wearing person to one who soaks up the feeling of all eyes on her or his straight, alluring and sexy hair.

Keratin Complex Gives
You Back Your Precious Time!

You may be one of those who  spend up to 2.5 hours daily managing your frizzy hair. Keratin Complex or Coppola Keratin is your answer and solution to taking back your time.

Keratin Complex by Coppola transforms unruly and unmanageable hair. Natural Keratin eliminates 95 percent of frizz and curl while simultaneously repairing damaged hair.

Can you handle a reduction of hair time from 2.5 HOURS to 5-10 MINUTES daily?


I thought so.

Such time savings are common for clients at Next Salon, 310-392-6645, your Los Angeles Hair Straightening headquarters.

You may book your TIME SAVINGS appointment online even while wearing your pajamas by Clicking Here Now ==> Hair Straightening.

Your Brazilian Keratin
 Treatment Benefits

Why is Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy recommended for you?

• Keratin Treatment is almost maintenance free which means you don't spend hours a day applying this application or another to keep your hair straight.

• You have straighter, smoother, silky, softer and healthier hair which means you'll look and FEEL so much sexier.

• Your frizzy, wavy, curly, kinky hair is gone. This means you now feel saucy, sultry and sexy.

• Remember, you've given yourself back hours a day to do as you please. You'll feel liberated with up to 2.5 extra hours daily.

How Long Will My
 Keratin Treatment Last?

Keratin protein is infused into the cuticle in massive amounts. This smoothes the hair strands. The Keratin treatment makes hair frizz free, smooth and silky.

Results may last from 3 to 5 months.

Next Salon recommends you follow the Keratin Smoothing Treatment with Keratin Complex hair care products for the longevity of your straight hair.

Where Can I Get My
 Keratin Hair Products?

By now you are thinking, “Where do I buy Keratin shampoo, conditioner, & other keratin smoothing hair care products in Santa Monica and the greater Los Angeles, CA area"?

Get your Keratin hair care products available 7 days a week at Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 4256 Kenyon Street, Los Angeles, CA 90066.

Quickly and easily Book online by clicking here now ==> I want my hair straightening done today.

You’ll find the full Keratin hair product collection at Next Salon.

Keratin Complex- What
Makes it So Different?

The Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment is unlike any service offered at other salons.

What makes Keratin Complex different from other professional hair salon services?

The Smoothing Treatment isn’t a hair relaxer or harsh chemical; it does not break down and reform the bonds of the hair.

Heat from a flat iron is used to infuse Keratin (which makes up 42% of the Smoothing Therapy system) into the cuticle.

The cuticle is where your Coppola Keratin Treatment bonds with the hair as it also encases the hair strand.

Keratin Straightening seals moisture out and protects the hair from environmental toxins.

Can I Use Coppola Keratin
 Treatment on My Chemically
 Treated and Colored Hair?

Yes. The formation of the Keratin Hair Treatment made it safe for all color or chemically treated hair and all hair types including frizzy hair extensions.

Your Keratin Treatment uses no formaldehyde like in Brazilian Straightening.

Finally, there is no odor...

Therefore, Keratin Smoothing Treatment offers you straight hair and you smell great too!

You Mean You Do Japanese
Hair Straightening Too?

Yes. Japanese Straightening also called Yuko, Permanent and Thermal Hair Straightening services are yours at Next Salon.

Next Salon is a Full Service Salon open 7 days a week at 310-392–6645, 4256 Kenyon Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

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Your Los Angeles
 Hair Straightening Center

Ok, so now you know Next Salon is your headquarters for hair straightening Los Angeles and Santa Monica, CA.

Therefore, now, while it’s on your mind, is the time for you to call Next Salon at 310-392-6645 to book your Keratin Treatment for straight, touch-friendly, inviting hair or free consultation.

For your convenience, we serve the Los Angeles, Malibu, Marina Del Rey, Venice, Redondo and Manhattan Beach areas.

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We’ll see you soon and keep the light on for you for your Keratin Hair |Treatment.

Noori Daili

Owner, Next Salon

 Brazilian Blowout hair by Noori Daili picture

Remember ... You'll get lots of attention from everyone with your new Keratin Hair Straightening.

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P.P.S. Imagine the adoration you'll get everywhere you go after your Keratin Treatment. Heads will turn, jaws will drop and you'll get that delicious "Center of Attention" Feeling.

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"Noori is my Master Hair Stylist who always rescues me from my hair and makeup blues. After she works her magic, I feel like a glamorous and alluring woman. I highly recommend her beauty services."

- Ashley Palmer,
Los Angeles-