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Hair salon Santa Monica and Los Angeles Bangs from Next Salon, 310-392-6645 pictureBangs add sophistication without changing your hair length. They make a big statement - very sexy. At the same time, they are more versatile than the wispy version.

Use a flatiron to smooth them, then a soft hold hairspray to keep them in place. For Big Bangs swept off to the side, the look is even more fresh.

The secret to the look is the right cut of bangs. Frown-style bangs can really flatter women with low cheekbones.

Women with higher cheekbones would benefit more from bangs cut higher on sides and left longer in the middle. To style, use your fingers to shape while blow-drying.

Use very lighter hold products such as Sebastian's Shaper Hairspray.

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"Noori is my Master Hair Stylist who always rescues me from my hair and makeup blues. After she works her magic, I feel like a glamorous and alluring woman. I highly recommend her beauty services."

- Ashley Palmer,
Los Angeles-